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film // Lemolo + The Kaleidoscope Dance

We partnered with our friends at The Warehouse to promote this beautifully idiosyncratic event—Lemolo & The Kaleidoscope Dance.

This provided us a great opportunity to work with some area artists we love.  The Puget Sound duo Lemolo have enchanted us since we first saw them play a cramped, mesmerizing set in the Yoga Studio at Doe Bay 2011.  Since that time, we’ve breathlessly watched their work gain momentum, critical acclaim and an ever-growing fan base, and now we’re honored to take part in spreading the word about their incredible music.

We’ve also been inspired by the thriving dance culture in Tacoma—especially how traditional ballet, hip-hop and urban contemporary dance have been melded so seamlessly in creative and forward-thinking ways.  MLKBallet and BareFoot Collective’s beautiful, spare and intuitive choreography is a perfect visual accompaniment to Lemolo.


The Warehouse Presents
A collaborative event featuring Lemolo playing their entire debut album The Kaleidoscope alongside choreographed performances from The BareFoot Collective and MLKBallet.

JULY 6, 2013
Urban Grace, Tacoma, WA

music by
Recently defined as the “Best New Band” in City Arts Magazine, we knew the first moment we first met Lemolo’s two front gems, Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox, they were something special. Lemolo’s epic performance at Doe Bay Fest 2011 in the yoga studio is a perfect example. Not only was the Yoga Studio filled to capacity, but it was surrounded by hundreds of festival goers trying to catch a glimpse of the electrifying duo. They recently sold out two shows at Columbia City Theater debuting their album, “The Kaleidoscope.” Their album has a unique ability to take a listener on a transcendent and emotional journey through their lyrics, composition, and song structure. As Three Imaginary Girls and Sound on the Sound state,” The energy these two produce live is a force to be reckoned with that leaves the listener aching for more.”

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There is a stigma associated to ballet that insists you must look and act one way to do it. For those who founded MLKBallet that is not the case. “We accept all body types, all ages and all skill levels…Dance should be — and can be — accessible to everyone, students and audience members.” Since its inception in 2006, MLKBallet has been providing tuition-free dance training for children in the Tacoma area. Their programs also include affordable and accessible instruction for adults. MLKBallet constantly pushes the limits by providing collaborative and unique performances throughout Tacoma. From their major production of MOVE!, to Ten Tiny Dances, this company has pushed the boundaries in the ballet world and provided Tacoma the access and opportunity to see dance done well.

Since 2008, The BareFoot Collective has played a major role in the participation and advancement of modern dance in the greater Tacoma community. Dedicated to creating opportunities for dance and related arts, The BareFoot Collective has provided access to dance through educational opportunities, community-based performances, audience experiences and artist collaborations. In the fall of 2012, The BareFoot Collective challenged perception and provided their talent, grace, precision and athleticism in several shows produced in unexpected locations throughout the City of Tacoma. We are honored that they are able to participate in this event, and are anxiously waiting to see what they produce. We know it’ll be magic!

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The Warehouse is a Tacoma based production company committed to bringing high-quality music experiences to various locations around the city.