film // The Helio Sequence : TIMBER! Stageside Film

“This is awesome—I can’t think of a better place to be than here, right now” admitted Brandon Summers of The Helio Sequence as they headlined the Main Stage during last weekend’s TIMBER! Outdoor Music Festival in Carnation, Washington.

We’re sure few in the audience would disagree with that sentiment.  An immense summer sky was darkening, the trees looming, the stars blinking on and a sunburnt, euphoric July day of music—surrounded by Tolt-McDonald’s fir-spiked wonderland—was on the verge of culminating in an incredible set.  Benjamin Weikel’s precise, radiant percussion splintered and skittered gloriously across Summers’ vocals, guitar work and harmonica—washing over the crowed as clear and certain and abundant as the river waters nearby.

We invite you to come stage-side with us and our camera and witness a portion of Weikel’s awe-inspiring performance during Harmonica Song in this first of several TIMBER! Stageside Films!

Our baseball caps off to Artist Home for presenting such a beautiful music festival and especially for having the wisdom to place The Helio Sequence at the pinnacle of the weekend.


Harmonica Song by
The Helio Sequence

TIMBER! Outdoor Music Festival
presented by
Artist Home

film by
The Art Dept.