Over the Moon for Sonoma Community Center

You say “Community Center” and one perhaps thinks of a lackluster public building used as a makeshift teen hangout.  In a lot of communities, this may be the case.  But Sonoma Valley has a jewel in its cultural crown—a focal point for art, performance, culture, education and, of course, community—The Sonoma Community Center.

The Sonoma Community Center not only provides art studios, performance spaces, art education, event spaces, community happenings and even a couple of schools, it also produces the popular Fourth of July parade and festivities, the annual City Party and many other events that are at the heart of Sonoma’s lively spirit.

The building it is housed in has such a storied history that we can’t even get into it here (most people may recognize it as the exterior for the high school in the Scream franchise.)  It serves as one of the shining connections to Sonoma’s rich and colorful past as well as a beacon looking forward, celebrating Sonoma’s progressive character. oxford ivermectin study روليت نيبر   Though, as all old buildings do, it has accrued quite a bit of maintenance needs—in order to meet these needs, the Sonoma Community Center is holding a raffle (see the poster we made for them, above) for an incredible, exclusive dinner at a beautiful estate with some of the Valley’s top chefs.  Tickets are limited, so be sure to get yours today! ivermectin doaage for dogs for intestial worms الفرق المتاهله في اليورو 2022

Cult Sonoma video // Trashion Show

We lent our video production services out to Cult Sonoma to cover the exciting, first annual Trashion Fashion Show & Exhibit featuring homegrown fashions created from reused, repurposed and recycled materials.

See more at Cult Sonoma.

A Sonoma Fourth

Here’s to amber waves of grain, jumpy castles and red, white & rosés.  Another Fourth of July in Sonoma exploded in patriotic crepe-paper DIYisms, split-personality hometown bands, mustard-festooned wiener dogs,  dissenting zombies, karate kids and fabulous fireworks. All in all it was a scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting, if Norman Rockwell wore glow stick necklaces and bermuda shorts while drinking estate cab at 10 in the morning. Sometimes, we think it’s the best reason for living here…

Thank you to the Sonoma Community Center for putting on yet another fabulous event!  We’re already looking forward to next year!

2010 Sonoma Valley Muse

Each year, the Sonoma Community Center selects a prominent character from Sonoma’s history to celebrate as the years’ Sonoma Valley Muse.  Past years have been in honor of Jack London, “Big Alma” Spreckels and Robert Lynch.  A special event is the focus of the celebration, which raises much needed funds for the treasure of an arts and cultural center that is the Sonoma Community Center.

This year, the honoree is Hanzell Vineyards founder James D. Zellerbach—who also served as U.S. Ambassador to Italy.  The Italy connection inspired the theme of this year’s celebration: Roman Holiday!

We were once again happy to help create promotional materials and invitations to spread the word about the wonderful event.  You can learn more about this year’s event—and buy tickets—here!

poster // Beervana

We were recently tasked by the Sonoma Community Center to develop a graphic and poster to promote their first annual Beervana amateur beer brewing competition.  They asked us to create something to expressed the idea of “Nirvana for beer-lovers”—something a bit humorous.

We instantly thought of an effervescent, jolly buddha rising from the frothy bubbles of a divine brew.  And a mock beer label was created.

To attain Beervana, one must eliminate all desire and suffering through the tasting and appreciating of hand-crafted beer—and this is best accomplished by attending this sure-to-be-a-blast event.  Click here for details.

posters // Trashion Show

The Sonoma Community Center is curating a “Trashion” Fashion Show & Exhibit centered around fashions created by Bay Area artists from recycled and found materials.  We were inspired by the subject matter to make our own imagery for the posters from a collage of found items and imagery.

Click here to learn more about the April 2 event!

video // A Good Baker

One of our favorite things about living in Sonoma is the bread.  Our community is lucky to have one of the world’s greatest bakers making bread just for us!  Take a look at the short feature we produced on the subject above for Cult Sonoma, which writes:

There is gravity to a good bit of bread—it carries a sort of sacramental heft that doesn’t fool around. The way the outside shatters like a mosaic as you take a carnal rip off the crust, or the way it springs forth like a cloud into your mouth, swirled with a slug of olive oil. Great bread tethers you to your mortal coil—to your teeth and tongue and bones and blood and the all the things and conversations going on around you. It keeps you from floating away into the zeitgeist and leaving nothing but status updates to show for it. Pair it with nice beer, friendly people and some amicable herbs and vegetables and you pretty much have another reason to live.

This is why we have vaulted Sonoma’s Mike [the bejkr] Zakowski to the echelon of artisanal god. What can we say? He maketh good loaves, the sort of bread that bores into your psyche, the sort that would keep ancient fishermen alive when adrift at sea or something. I guess what we’re trying to say is that there are a lot of breads out there, but his breads feels divinely necessary.

“Every town needs a good baker,” intones Mike from the shipping container in his backyard he’s converted to a professional, artisinal bread-baking shop.  We agree and we feel very blessed that Sonoma’s good baker is Mike!

Please try Mike’s bread for yourself if you get an opportunity—look for him at Sonoma Valley’s farmers markets. We look forward to a lot more from Mike as he prepares to represent the U.S. in the 2012 World Cup of baking in Paris

music mixed by
Max Lynch