When we develop brands for our clients, we design for the long haul. As we think and talk and sketch and think some more, we do so with three overarching goals in mind: relevancy, timelessness and what we like to think of as “The Knockout.” Relevancy, because it should always matter and make sense in the scope of the cultural zeitgeist. Timelessness, because its shape and form and colors should be your rock—and you shouldn’t have to go back to the drawing board with every shift of the wind. Knockout, because it needs to be just that—a knockout emerging from the clutter of the market like a long cool drink of water. Somehow more you than you. Rest assured, the results of our combined efforts will be a logo that distills your brand into a versatile, boldly unique gesture—not to mention a logo that’s concise, readable, poetic and easy to replicate.



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