Girlfriends Getaway // Sonoma Valley

Pop culture stereotypes dictate certain prerequisites for being girly, and by all accounts, I’ve failed most of them. I’ve only ever watched two episodes of Sex and the City. I don’t go gaga over Jimmy Choos or Manilo Blahniks. I’ve polished my fingernails perhaps once in the last three years, and I don’t sit around in spa robes eating Yoplait with my girlfriends and complaining about my thighs.

But Sonoma Valley’s definition of girly is something entirely refreshing. Do you like sunshine and budding vineyards? Do you like cocktails and yummy things to eat? Do you like to lounge in the lap of luxury? Or when you’re not lounging, do you like go on hikes, ride bikes, or shop, or eat more yummy things? And do lots of wine tasting?

Basically, Sonoma Valley asks you a lot of things that are impossible to say no to.

So you say yes. And you bring a friend or two. And it’s called a Girlfriends Getaway . . .

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by your own two feet: Hike + Bike Sonoma


There are some days when Belle Creative does not set foot in a car. We are lucky to live in a flat, friendly, temperate, sunny valley. And we are lucky to have clients, friends and shops in walking and biking distance. We love being outdoors, riding our bikes together.  The Hike + Bike Sonoma brochure we created for the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau has opened our eyes to some great new trails and parks.  We’ve hiked a trail we weren’t aware of before, at Jack London State Park, and we took our bikes to Annadel State Park for the first time.  We’re inspired by these maps to explore more . . . !

You can download a pdf version here or stop in one of the Visitor Centers to pick one up.