music film // V. CONTRERAS : “Gasoline”

We’re pleased to share our latest music film—”Gasoline” from Seattle independent artist V. Contreras‘ eponymous debut album.

Working with time-lapse footage, projections, a unique setting (the—possibly haunted—cavernous basement of Seattle’s legendary Moore Theater) and fractured editing, we created a music film that we think captures the “crazy” simmering within the song.

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live music film // Benjamin Verdoes : “Forest of Your Mind”

In the forests of Timber Outdoor Music Festival, Benjamin Verdoes risked life and limb (pun intended) to climb a tree and play this shimmering acoustic ode for us—and now we get to share it with you. Many thanks to Benjamin!

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music film // ROCKWELL POWERS x DJ PHINISEY : “Alive”

“I have this idea for a music film that involves kids riding around on bikes,” said Rockwell Powers. “I’m in!” said Peter. True story.

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music film // Bombay Beach teaser

We are collaborating with one of Portland’s most interesting music projects—Bombay Beach.  A trio composed of three thoughtful artists with wild abandon and serious chops. At one moment, their music will pummel you with noise and howl and the next moment it will blow you away on a digital breeze.   Continue Reading

music film // Elk & Boar : “Ten Steps”


The air was charged. It was the Friday before Superbowl Sunday in Tacoma, Washington. After a victorious Stadium High School basketball game, Elk & Boar and friends took over the Stadium gymnasium where an all ages party ensued.

We’re proud to present the official music film we created for Elk & Boar’s “Ten Steps”—directed by  our own Sarah in collaboration with Kirsten from Elk & Boar

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film // YOURS TRULY : The Head and the Heart

We had the opportunity to once again shoot this short live music film for our friends at Yours Truly—this one of Seattle indie darlings The Head and the Heart.

film // Quasi : TIMBER! Stageside Film

“FRAGILE music equipment” is written in big, stenciled letters on the crate holding Sam Coomes’ keyboard. Which must be a joke, because if you’ve ever seen Quasi perform, you know the extent to which he brutalizes his instrument—whaling on the keys with his fists, banging chords out with his forehead, lifting it up and bashing it against his chest, and basically subjecting it to any other ferocious paroxysm that seems to consume his passions at the time. Meanwhile, Janet Weiss assaults her drum kit in a far less violent but no less expressive manner—measuring out chord and tempo changes with virtuosic artistry. Quasi’s was a performance not to be missed—enjoy “The Rhino” as seen stage-side from their Main Stage set at the first annual TIMBER! Music Festival.

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film // Kithkin : TIMBER! Stageside Film

It was that time of day when the sun was at its highest, with a hint of heat-induced delirium creeping over the crowd, when the witchy tree people of Kithkin took to the Main Stage at TIMBER! Outdoor Music Festival.

What happened next was a frenzy of music and mania and maybe even sorcery that spellbound the audience and provided one of the most memorable sets of the weekend. So much happened—guitars were played with teeth, Lemolo’s Kendra jumped on stage for an impromptu drum jam, Kithkin’s Kelton Sears wandered through the crowd preaching post-apocalyptic screes and a banana was eaten. Into the microphone.

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film // The Helio Sequence : TIMBER! Stageside Film

“This is awesome—I can’t think of a better place to be than here, right now” admitted Brandon Summers of The Helio Sequence as they headlined the Main Stage during last weekend’s TIMBER! Outdoor Music Festival in Carnation, Washington.

We’re sure few in the audience would disagree with that sentiment.  An immense summer sky was darkening, the trees looming, the stars blinking on and a sunburnt, euphoric July day of music—surrounded by Tolt-McDonald’s fir-spiked wonderland—was on the verge of culminating in an incredible set.  Benjamin Weikel’s precise, radiant percussion splintered and skittered gloriously across Summers’ vocals, guitar work and harmonica—washing over the crowed as clear and certain and abundant as the river waters nearby.

We invite you to come stage-side with us and our camera and witness a portion of Weikel’s awe-inspiring performance during Harmonica Song in this first of several TIMBER! Stageside Films!

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film // Lemolo + The Kaleidoscope Dance

We partnered with our friends at The Warehouse to promote this beautifully idiosyncratic event—Lemolo & The Kaleidoscope Dance.

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