music film // ROCKWELL POWERS x DJ PHINISEY : “Alive”

“I have this idea for a music film that involves kids riding around on bikes,” said Rockwell Powers. “I’m in!” said Peter. True story.

Listening to Mr. Powers’ self-reflective rhymes weaving through DJ Phinisey’s delirious production felt a bit like soaring through the sky. The fact that Rockwell’s vision for the film included such forward motion and feelings of freedom made for an irresistible pairing. An introduction to some really rad kids and a few of the most fun bike rides later and we have a music film that is one part a celebration of the freedom of wheels on pavement, one part a love letter to Tacoma and all parts an expression of Rockwell Powers x DJ Phinisey’s killer track.


Thanks to Kaisean, Deanon, Andre (the sweetest bikers we know), Dylan (a skateboarder with incredible endurance), Korbett (the biker’s patient Dad), 2nd Cycle, Grit City Grindhouse, Fab-5, and especially to Rockwell Powers x DJ Phinisey.


“Alive” by
Rockwell Powers x DJ Phinisey

film by
Peter Berkley, The Art Dept.