music film // V. CONTRERAS : “Gasoline”

We’re pleased to share our latest music film—”Gasoline” from Seattle independent artist V. Contreras‘ eponymous debut album.

Working with time-lapse footage, projections, a unique setting (the—possibly haunted—cavernous basement of Seattle’s legendary Moore Theater) and fractured editing, we created a music film that we think captures the “crazy” simmering within the song.

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live music film // Benjamin Verdoes : “Forest of Your Mind”

In the forests of Timber Outdoor Music Festival, Benjamin Verdoes risked life and limb (pun intended) to climb a tree and play this shimmering acoustic ode for us—and now we get to share it with you. Many thanks to Benjamin!

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music film // ROCKWELL POWERS x DJ PHINISEY : “Alive”

“I have this idea for a music film that involves kids riding around on bikes,” said Rockwell Powers. “I’m in!” said Peter. True story.

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music film // Elk & Boar : “Ten Steps”


The air was charged. It was the Friday before Superbowl Sunday in Tacoma, Washington. After a victorious Stadium High School basketball game, Elk & Boar and friends took over the Stadium gymnasium where an all ages party ensued.

We’re proud to present the official music film we created for Elk & Boar’s “Ten Steps”—directed by  our own Sarah in collaboration with Kirsten from Elk & Boar

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film // YOURS TRULY : Pickwick

It was a spine-tingling shoot for Yours Truly that allowed us to capture one of our favorite local bands, Pickwick, in the comfy-as-an-old-couch confines of their suburban studio.  Seriously, keep an eye out for these guys hitting it big. And while you’re at it, check out our previous video we shot for Yours Truly as well as the rest of their incredible videos.


video // YOURS TRULY : Pure Bathing Culture

We’ve long admired the intimate, live music filmmaking that the folks at Yours Truly have been putting out for several years now.  We’ve recently had the opportunity to work with them filming and editing videos in Seattle.

The first to be released is this gorgeous song from the good people of Pure Bathing Culture (whom we’ve had the fortune of filming before, first as part of Vetiver’s band at the first Huichica Music Festival and second as part of Richard Swift’s band at the Huichica Music Festival the following year!)

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music video // Apartment Lights : “The White River”

We’re pleased to present the debut music video of Apartment Lights—Tacoma, WA musician Grace Sullivan’s solo project.

You can stream her debut EP on the Apartment Lights bandcamp page . . .

photo by James Bailey

photo by James Bailey