Over the Moon for Sonoma Community Center

You say “Community Center” and one perhaps thinks of a lackluster public building used as a makeshift teen hangout.  In a lot of communities, this may be the case.  But Sonoma Valley has a jewel in its cultural crown—a focal point for art, performance, culture, education and, of course, community—The Sonoma Community Center.

The Sonoma Community Center not only provides art studios, performance spaces, art education, event spaces, community happenings and even a couple of schools, it also produces the popular Fourth of July parade and festivities, the annual City Party and many other events that are at the heart of Sonoma’s lively spirit.

The building it is housed in has such a storied history that we can’t even get into it here (most people may recognize it as the exterior for the high school in the Scream franchise.)  It serves as one of the shining connections to Sonoma’s rich and colorful past as well as a beacon looking forward, celebrating Sonoma’s progressive character. oxford ivermectin study روليت نيبر   Though, as all old buildings do, it has accrued quite a bit of maintenance needs—in order to meet these needs, the Sonoma Community Center is holding a raffle (see the poster we made for them, above) for an incredible, exclusive dinner at a beautiful estate with some of the Valley’s top chefs.  Tickets are limited, so be sure to get yours today! ivermectin doaage for dogs for intestial worms الفرق المتاهله في اليورو 2022