event // Tacoma’s Fall Free For All : 2011

In October, Tacoma’s Broadway Center hosted a weekend-long arts and cultural festival in the heart of downtown Tacoma—the 2011 Fall Free for All. They asked us to shoot some photos of  excellent music program curated by local Tacoma musician Aaron Stevens of Goldfinch.

Above is the first video—Seattle/Tacoma locals Concours d’Elegance blowing away the crowd with their tight new wave jams and captivating stage show.

Below is a look at Portland’s soulful and face-melting Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives:

And here’s some dreamy otherworldliness from Portland’s Laura Gibson:

Be sure to also peruse our gallery of photos from the entire weekend…

The Round featuring musicians Noah Gunderson, Kris Doty and Nick Principe

Horse Feathers

Portland Cello Project featuring Drew Grow and Seth Schaper of Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives

Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives

festival music curator Aaron Stevens of Goldfinch

City Hall

Hurt Bird

Pearly Gates Music

Kelli Schaefer

Laura Gibson

Portland Cello Project featuring Kevin Sur of Indian Valley Line and Kelli Schaefer

Concours d’Elegance


video music by
Concours d’Elegance

presented by
The Broadway Center

curated by
Aaron Stevens of Goldfinch